American Legend and Week to Wicked!

We are extremely proud to be the wheels of choice for the Hot Rod Networks Week to Wicked project cars.

Tune in everyday this week to follow the guys from Super Chevy as they embark on a frantic few days of turning this restored 1972 Chevy Camaro into a Pro-Touring inspired beast!

Nobody said this would be easy, but when you promise to transform a car from blah to wow in just 7 days then you should expect a headache or two, maybe three. Such is the case with our Super Chevy Week To Wicked Presented by CPP. Day one is usually the easiest, since pull stuff apart is way easier than putting it all together.

If you’re behind on the backstory we bought a stalled out 1972 Camaro project. Yep, some guy was halfway through a rebuild and for whatever reason lost interest and left it to languish. We bought the Chevy and got it to running and driving condition. An old small-block we had laying around, a three-speed trans, typical stockish stuff. After all, starting out with a stripped car would be cheating, so we got it back to a fairly restored state.

2017 Week to Wicked – ’72 Chevy Camaro – Day 1

On day one we wanted to take the Camaro for a cruise just to see how bad it sucked on the road. So, with a camera crew in tow Tech Center manager Jason Scudellari, and Christian Arriero hopped in the Hugger Camaro and hit the road. Well, a mile or so later a radiator hose blew and spewed boiling black water all over the car and road. The hose was fixed, water added, and we were back on the road, until the Camaro ran out of gas. Ok, it was getting a bit old at this point so we nursed the Camaro back to the tech center and starting tearing it apart. The road issues put us a couple of hours behind schedule, but the tech center crew and the guys from CPP kicked it into high gear and by 2pm the Camaro was stripped bare.
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2017 Week to Wicked – ’72 Chevy Camaro – Day 2

While that was going on the crew from CPP were busy prepping the Hydrastop system for install, which will finish up our Camaro’s braking system. The Camaro is almost ready to get back on the ground we were happy when the new American Legend two-piece wheels showed up along with a fresh from the factory set of 275/35/18 and 315/30/18 Falken RT-615K+ tires. The new + Falkens have a revised tread compound that promises more stick while still retaining the 200 treadwear rating! The Holley LS Fest West will be here in early May, so we have some time to fine tune the Camaro, but we’re impatient and dying to drive it around this weekend.
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2017 Week to Wicked – ’72 Chevy Camaro – Day 3

I’ve often said that building a hot rod is a lot like building a house (no, really, I say it often, ask my wife). When you clear the lot for your house the job ahead of you seems insurmountable. Then the foundation is laid and you feel better, but you know there’s a lot more to do. Eventually the house is framed, maybe some windows installed, and you start to feel the project is almost done, and that’s big fake out. Building a house, or a Chevy, is mostly about the thousand little things and not the big-ticket obvious aspects. On late Tuesday we had the drivetrain in the Camaro and had it rolling on its new American Legend Talon wheels and Falken RT-615k+ tires. It’s looked like a car that was almost done, but much like that framed out house we weren’t even close.
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2017 Week to Wicked – ’72 Chevy Camaro – Day 4

It’s day four of the Super Chevy Week To Wicked, Presented by CPP, and we admit it, we’re tired. The best analogy is a gas pump; the closer you get to being done, the slower the dial spins. The big ticket items are done, now it’s the hundreds (literally) of tiny tasks that turn minutes into hours and hours in days. Most of day four entailed chasing down parts and wiring. Jeff Abbott from Painless was busy running miles of wires and getting every connection just so. Add in the harnesses from the Holley Terminator Stealth EFI and the Performance Automatic transmission controller and it’s a lot of wiring that has to be done dead nuts perfect if we expect to fire up this Camaro tomorrow or Saturday.
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2017 Week to Wicked – ’72 Chevy Camaro – Day 5

Day Five, yep, although technically we have one more day, Saturday, to finish our Camaro we generally try to shoot for a burnout on late Friday. The morning started out with finishing up the Hooker Blackheart exhaust and installing the trans linkage so we could properly shift our Performance Automatic 4L70e transmission. Then the Camaro went back on the ground where we.. wait for it.. did more wiring. Jeff Abbott from Painless has been running new wired from stem to stern and it’s not a process that can be rushed.
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